West Hillhurst

Multi-Level Backyard Paradise

This couple had purchased a brand new home in the beautiful community of West Hillhurst and needed to start from the ground up with their landscaping.

They needed a great space in the front to sit on a patio and enjoy the sun. The back needed to be an area where their dog could run around freely. The major challenge was that the backyard was mostly made up of a hill that went right to the back door.

Project Stats

  • Project Year: 2020

  • Builder: Trickle Creek

Features of this landscaping project included:

  • A retaining wall was created in the back that gave them access to the back alley

  • Two levels of flat space on the hill with flower beds and trees that could be used for planting and seating

  • A beautiful front patio with a stone patio and plants and flowers 

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