Snow Removal

Business doesn’t stop when snow hits. This winter, let CLS take care of your snow and ice management worries. Our team will help you abide by city bylaws to keep your property safe and accessible to the public. We offer snow removal services for commercial, industrial and multi-family residential properties located in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Why Choose CLS?

  • Professional equipment: Full fleet of professional snow removal equipment including skidsteers/ loaders, sweepers, sanders, plows, and snowblowers.

  • Reliability: We can do any job of any size and we’ll be there within 24 hours of snowfall.

  • Digital App: Our digital app assists with logging time on-site, before-and-after snapshots, and tracking the amount of ice melt used. Regular updates are sent directly to your email. 

  • Trained Staff: Our staff are trained on how to use snow removal equipment correctly to maintain the current state of your asphalt or sidewalks.

  • Flexible Contract Options: Hourly, one-off, flat rate options

Let CLS take care of your snow and ice management this winter (spring or fall), click the link below to get started!

Snow Removal with CLS Landscape

While you are sleeping, we are out clearing. Co-owner, Cooper, talks about the CLS Landscape way when it comes to snow removal. Having systems and processes in place matter.

CLS Landscape pricing, quality of work and timeliness for their snow removal service were all a 10/10, I would recommend them to anyone for snow removal this season!

Gary Holbrook

Let us take care of your snow and ice management!

Let CLS take care of your snow removal this winter (spring or fall), click the link below to get started!

Snow Crews

Ensuring pedestrian areas are clear of snow and ice is the prime responsibility of our Snow Crews. Using everything from shovels to high-tech walk-behind machinery like snow blowers and sweepers, they diligently clear stairs, pathways, and doorways, ensuring the safety and convenience of your residents. 


Plow Crews
Roadways and parking lots 

Our Plow Crews are dedicated to maintaining clear roadways and driveways on your property, ensuring seamless vehicle access. Collaborating closely with Snow Crews, they ensure both your property grounds and resident driveways remain vehicle-friendly and safe. 

Salt/Gravel Crews
Traction and safety

Focused on road safety, our Salt & Gravel Crews team up with the Snow and Plow Crews to manage traction. They apply ice melt on your thoroughfares, but when temperatures plummet beyond their functional range, they switch to gravel, ensuring safe driving conditions across your property. 

Snow Services Include:

  • Snow clearing

  • Sidewalk/walkway snow and ice removal/management

  • Parking lot clearing

  • Ice Melt

  • Sanding

  • Snow hauling