Hardscape installations are messy work. There will be mud, but it will be gorgeous in the end. Nearly all of our work produces dirt and dust. For this reason, we advise our customers to keep doors and windows closed and to remove outdoor furniture from the construction area.

Unless your project involves overlaying existing concrete, the first step for a patio installation is to excavate the top layer of soil. The amount of soil excavated will depend on the type of project. Typically, the next step is to install a layer of compacted aggregate, then a layer of bedding sand, then the pavers themselves, and then jointing material spread between the stones to hold everything in place and prevent weeds.

Typically our installers start their days at about 8am and complete the day at 5pm. Our installers will keep your yard as tidy as possible and always clean up before leaving the job site in the evening. They will be courteous and polite while they work, and help to answer any questions you may have about the work they are performing.

Our ready access to the best materials and efficient deliveries combined with a well trained staff ensure that your project will be a success. It’s our mission to ensure it!